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the domain name of the website that you came from before visiting our site, the number of visits, the average duration of your visit, and which pages you visit). using reverse look-up), the date and time of your visit to our website, the pages you visited on our website and the browser you are using etc. It also stores. guests, and you must prepare your site for the visit of a search robot from Google'​ya, this is one of the most important guests from all that they can visit your site. See how visitors are really using your website, collect user feedback and turn more visitors into customers. Complete WordPress Analytics and Statistics for your site! You can know how many people visit your personal or business website, where they're coming from​.

Visit Your Website

Boost your website easily with our traffic exchange! Sign up and get visits to your websites in 3 simple steps: 1) Add your website and configure the settings. Complete WordPress Analytics and Statistics for your site! You can know how many people visit your personal or business website, where they're coming from​. If you're logged into Facebook and visit a website with the Like button, your browser sends us information about your visit. When someone visits your website and takes an action (for example, buying instructions on adding the Facebook pixel to your site, visit the Help Center. If you're logged into Facebook and visit a website with the Like button, your browser sends us information about your visit. You visit a website which uses the Statcounter service (i.e. you do not have to visit the Statcounter site in order to find a Statcounter analytics cookie in your. Google Analytics. Your Snapshot for April. Tourismusnews UA View​: All Web Site Data Boost your website easily with our traffic exchange! Sign up and get visits to your websites in 3 simple steps: 1) Add your website and configure the settings.

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Through WordPress visitor tracking, you can check how many people are coming to your site, who they are, and what they do on your site, you can get gain insight and start planning how you should best optimize your site.

Website Analytics tools are most commonly used for checking the number of site visitors you receive. Not only that, but there are also multiple benefits of using website analytics.

Using an analytics tool, you can get valuable insights to help grow your business. While there are different website analytics tools on the market, MonsterInsights is the most user-friendly tool for beginners.

You can use the plugin for WordPress visitor tracking with ease. The plugin simplifies the setup process as well as viewing data.

The free version gives you basic features while the paid version provides several advanced tracking options. If you want to use the free plugin, you can directly install it from the official WordPress plugin repository by typing MonsterInsights in the search box.

And then, type MonsterInsights in the search box. Once the setup is complete, Google Analytics starts gathering information on your website visitors.

Google takes a few hours to gather your site information and data, so you may not find any data immediately after the setup process.

After that, you can see how many visitors are on your WordPress site. With MonsterInsights, you can easily set up WordPress visitor tracking and check the number of website visitors in your dashboard.

The plugin adds a Google analytics dashboard widget which lets you view your website visitor reports right in your dashboard, with no clicks required.

This will open the Overview Report. The Overview Report includes some of the key metrics that are useful for getting to know your website visitors.

The first section screenshot above shows a visual graph for the total number of sessions and pageviews your site has gotten in a defined range of time.

Returning Visitors and Device Breakdown data in percentages in pie-charts below that. If you want to see a detailed report, you can always click the View Full Report button at the bottom of each report.

With MonsterInsights, you can see your real-time website visitors and their activity, right in your dashboard. The Google Analytics real-time reports are useful to view and analyze the reports of your marketing campaigns, announcements, etc.

For more details, see our complete guide on Google Analytics real-time reports. Although all of these reports are useful for checking the number of visitors, demographics data is especially useful.

You can see the number of visitors, pageviews, transactions, etc. MonsterInsights comes with a powerful eCommerce addon which simplifies and automates advanced eCommerce tracking in WordPress.

From this report, you can view which keywords are driving you the most visitors. This helps you with keyword research and SEO.

Using these metrics, you can get a clue as to what users find most interesting on your site. Then, you can analyze, and plan informed business strategies.

You can also go one further and look at where users came from. Are users from Twitter more likely to visit the blog? Do users from search stick around for longer?

For example, have you done a social media post or campaign targeting a very specific topic and audience? Or, have you sent out an email promoting an upcoming event or a recent piece of content?

To explain, both the below URLs will link to the same place:. However , from the perspective of the website owner, they can see in Google Analytics that the user clicked on a specific link that was tagged with a description.

The UTM codes are a way in which to structure these. They help you say things like: this user came from a link in an email I sent in May about design.

That way, you can see how many of your website visitors came from a certain campaign. A common tactic though quite an annoying one is to ask website visitors to fill in a questionnaire.

The most common is a pop-up form. Needless to say, you should think very carefully before you decide to add this to your website.

They can be insightful, but you risk frustrating your audience and you also risk skewing your results as only certain types of people will agree to fill it in.

A couple of examples are Traffic Truffle and Lead Forensics. They work by analysing the IP of a website visitor, and cross referencing with a database to work out the company that has visited.

Each time a visitor is identified you get a notification with all the related details location, address, phone number, type of company etc. This can be insightful, but they can also give you a lead you can then follow up.

Some websites have gone one further. If they are targeting multiple audiences they have multiple home pages — each one optimised for a difference sector.

When an audience member visits their website, the platform uses the IP to identify the company and therefore which home page should be served.

If you know your audience and how they are using your website, you can better optimise your content and better target your audience. Events Archiboo Awards Stories About.

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